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 I have one. 
I was given one of these at indoor nationals to try. I have always used a patch or a piece of tape to block out my left eye so that I do not see multiple targets using eye glasses. I just started using for outdoor and I am "hooked". 

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 blocker review --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

here is the review that i will be posting. it has been great dealling with you and i hope i can do this again for you someday. your product is being passed around my group of freinds and ill probibly be placing a order once i get a chance to get their money. thanks again for allowing me to do this!

I first want to say that I am not paid or affiliated with anyone who owns the product The Double Vision Blocker. I was recently sent one of the double vision blockers by TOPBOWARCHERY to try and write up a review on his product. I have always had the problem of seeing two targets after drawing back my bow and just decided that it was easier to close my one eye and not worry about the other target, but when you do this your eyes don’t gather as much light making the target hard to see and hard to focus on. Then when you put a lens in your scope it makes it even harder because your one eye is trying to do all the focusing, this is when your eye will be in focus when you draw back and when you start to aim and settle in to the shot the picture goes fuzzy. Well if you’re a left eye dominant shooter shooting a right handed bow or a right eye shooter shooting left handed you don’t truly don’t have to worry about it anymore. I received the product in 1 business day, and was eager to try it out. I wanted to try the product indoors first to see what I thought of it. So I went to our local indoor range and shot. I tried not to worry about the blocker the first 20 shots and just worried about keeping both eyes open and this made little device allowed me to keep both eyes open, allowing me to gather more light, and my 6 power scope has never stayed so clear. Then the next 20 shots I took down the target and just focused on how the double vision blocker stayed in place or lack there of. It is held onto your scope or sight by 2-3 heavy duty o rings which you are sent to sizes to fit your scope housing, a good size piece of Velcro that one side mounts to your scope and the other is already mounted on the double vision blocker. Shot after shot I watched the double vision blocker do its job without any problems. No vibration, no Noise, no Problems what so ever. After playing with it indoors I knew I needed to get it out on the course and see if it could hold up to the abuse that sometimes happens with archery products. Needless to say it passed any damage that I put it threw, and actually helped my score I believe. I like to shoot in the early morning when it comes to bow shoots. Less wind, less people (distractions), but usually less light too! Well the last problem that I faced wasn’t a problem at all that morning because I was able to keep my eyes open and gather more light and see where I wanted to hit and just did. If you have to worry about anything but hitting the spot you want to hit in archery then that is a distraction, and this product takes away that distraction and it works for me “period”. 
All in all I would say this is a tremendous product. Well built, easy to install, does exactly what it’s supposed to, and doesn’t come loose or fall off or add vibration. Like I said earlier I’m not affiliated with this company what so ever just doing a review for them and I would have no problem telling you that its if a pile of crap if it was, but I truly can say after trying the product I will telling as many people about the product because I am truly impressed, and I won’t go into the woods with my bow or gun without one! 
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    Just wanted to thank you again for getting me that bow as fast as you did.  It shoots great and is the definetly the best bow I have ever owned.  The speed and accuracy of this thing is second to none.  I have one pin for zero-40yds which blows my mind.  I didn't get to shoot anything with it in Colorado but the trip was fun anyways.  We saw hundreds of elk but nothing in bow range.  Hopefully I will be able to get an arrow in a deer sometime this season.  Thank you again for all your help and I will spread the word in Ohio about Top Bow Archery!!!
-Nick Gray-

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I am excited about trying out this item for some indoor shooting, i have a 1"7/8 o.d.scope 
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IT is great give one a try works 100%  

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Just an fyi for any considering this product, I bought mine last summer and started playing around with it indoors recently when I noticed my left eye (non-dominant) trying to assist in my target acquisition (older glasses, and now contacts where the left eye was being corrected better than the right). The Double Vision Blocker is helping me draw down onto the correct spots and makes it easier to focus on the target through the scope without my left eye muddling things up. Attaches easily, can easily be removed when not in use, like for storing the scope/sight in a case......nice, clean, simple design.


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i just got it in the mail today.
It works like a champ!!!
i have used it on my bow and my Rifle scopes
on my bow shooting spot befor i was swiching back and forth between my dominate eye (left eye) and my aiming eye (right) i made it hard to focus on aiming and not the sight keep moveing aroud 
now its just floating it does not even swich back and forth any more
With my rifle it just works like a dream!!!!!!!!!

thanks TOP!!!!!!!! 
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Good idea!! I like it! 
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 September 21st, 2009, 10:02 PM  
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Since I showed up at the archery shop( H & H Archery ) with my Double Vision Blocker, I think 2 dozen people have gotten one. I haven't seen anyone try it and then take it off their bow. Several quickly shot their personal best scores after putting it on their bow. Seems to make it easier and more time efficient to get on target and aim.

Thanks Top Bow Archery for a great product.


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 It works... 



My qualifications... #1 Optician, #2 Cross Dominant, #3 Shooter...

I'm here to say it works for me REALLY well.
For years I was able to suppress the left eye, but it's become a bit more difficult, so I went to the hat blinder... that was fantastic. 
The first time I tried the scope blinder, nope...did not like it. Tried it again in a better practice session and now it's a permanent part of my rig.

It really does block just enough vision of the left eye so the visual pathway with the right eye is much better and remains on target.

It's not for everyone but if your using a blinder, I think it's worth a shot.

Bamjak - My educated hunch says yes... 

STFL... if it blocked the vision from your eye to the pin, you couldn't see the target. If your seeing the pin with your non "shooting" eye then I only want to ask if your using a peep?

The idea of the product is to block the NON shooting eye...that's where the problem comes in to play for the shooter.
just my .02

PS.. we sell them as well, but never carried them until I tried them. 

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Most everyone that knows me knows my vision has ben poor for quite some time. I really struggled with the fact that my left eye was dominant. Some years ago I was lucky enough to discover the Double Vision Blocker. Over the last few years it has obviously turned my shooting around. I don't know how I could perform without it! If you have vision, focus or eye dominance issues.... The Double Vision Blocker is a must! You can find it at DoubleVisionBlocker.com
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